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Enchancia is where the butterfly people, also called Beautyflies, live.

They are a people full of magic and wonder. They are also the center of the dream worlds, where the dreams of humans come from when they sleep. They are the guardians to all the dreams of children and young adults. For countless years, Enchancia has been a world of pure happiness, joy, and beauty. All were happy here, and wanted for nothing.

One beautiful day, a dark-minded human found the way to open the gate to Enchancia, and Enchancians life changed forever. Darkness shadowed their world within seconds, and the dreams they had fought so hard to protect slowly began to die.

Queen Zoila, leader of the Beautyflies, had only one choice: to sacrifice herself to save her world and give protection to the Beautyflies. She used up all her energy creating a Dom over the Enchancians.

Sacrifices were made. Those who did not make it under the Dom were lost forever, and those who did lost both their powers and wings. The only protection they have now is the Dom, and as the Dark Shadow becomes gains more and more power, the hopes of the Enchancians grow weaker and weaker.

“The fate of our world depends on the dreams and belief of us all. Will those be enough to save it? If dreams die, what will become of all of us?

In a dream you can be anything you want as long as believe in yourself. Without beautiful dreams, our magical world couldn’t exist.

Dreams are so precious; we must protect them.”

Why do the dreams have to be protected?
In Limbo there are Bugs that feed on human children’s dreams. Once they enter a dream, they begin to grow and turn it into a nightmare. If the bug stays too long, they able to put the dreaming child into a deep sleep, known as Sleep Death. The child will believe everything in the dream is real, and be unable to wake up from it. That’s why the Enchancians have to protect the dreams and keep them safe for all of us.

How can Enchancia be saved?
Princess Leah must find the Magical Flower that contains 12 differently-shaped diamonds. With that, the Wiseman believes she will able to defeat Dark Shadow, but no one knows for sure if this is the case. The problem is, the flower is hidden in a very special child’s dream, and Princess Leah has no right to enter it. The magic force that used to surround her is too weak to enter any dream. The Wiseman decides to help Princess Leah by bringing a human child into the world where no human has entered before, but only a pure-hearted child could enter, because the child’s intentions would have to be good and not evil. This is where Sassi comes into our story.

Once the Flower is found, the characters will learn that all the Diamonds they need are missing. Someone took them and spread them all across the dream world. This is tricky, because there are millions of dreams and they only need to find 12 Diamonds!

How will they know which dreams have one of the Diamonds they are looking for?

There is place in Limbo where all dream doors are kept. What is Limbo, you might wonder? Limbo is between worlds, nowhere. When someone wants to enter another world, they have to go through Limbo first to get an approval. Time doesn’t exist there. In Limbo, there are cute tiny flying creatures; they attack when a stranger touches them, turning into scary monsters, but other than that they can’t hurt you. Limbo is all about endless roads, doors to dreams and gates to other worlds. If someone accidentally steps off a road they will fall into a Forever Falling, emptiness.

All dream doors are kept up high in one part of Limbo. Sassi will have to step into a circle where she will have to place her Rose Wand front of her. She will have to know which Diamond they want to look for first, and will then need to describe the dream that would be the most suitable for that specific Diamond. When they get the right door, six large rectangle glasses will surround Sassi, and a force will slowly bring down the door. Since only Sassi can open the doors, the door will request a password to enter, and want to know her reason for doing so. This is what she will have to say each time she wants to open a door:

“Open, door and let me in.
Show me the dream
that’s within!”

Once they are in a dream, the appearance of their clothes changes a bit, and they must find the dreamer of that special dream before 24 hours are up, because only the dreamer can lead them to the Diamonds they are looking for.

How will it end?
This is the biggest question of all, but I think this is something I would like to keep to myself.

Places, Creatures and Objects:

This is where the Butterfly People live. Their life support comes from happy dreams dreamt by children, and from the sunlight that used to surround Enchancia.

They are half-human and half-butterfly. They have wings just like butterflies, but when their wings are not in use they disappear, and when they’re needed again they reappear. Can you imagine sleeping peacefully with large wings attached to your back? ^____^

Limbo is a place between worlds, nowhere. Time doesn’t exist there. Limbo is nothing but endless roads that lead to various places, but beware; if you fall off the road, you will fall into a Forever Falling, and then no one can help you, not even the Gatekeeper.

Creatures of Limbo
They are tiny cute flying creatures, and they have a very special attack. When a stranger touches them, their reaction is, turn into a monster and scare everyone away.

Gates open to other worlds. Without the Gatekeeper, no one is allowed to go anywhere.

Magical Flower
It contains 12 differently-shaped Diamonds. When used together, all are very powerful.

Each Diamond has a different look and power. Whoever finds one gains its power, but Sassi also gains special memories from them that will help her find out the truth about something very important.

The Diamonds are: Faith, Love, Belief, Beauty, Hope, Peace, Courage, Trust, Health, Happiness, Purity, and Light.

Once the characters enter a dream, they have to follow certain rules: they can’t stay for more than 24 hours, they have to become part of the dream, and they must find the dreamer of that special dream, because he or she will able to lead the characters to the Diamonds. Most of the time unknowingly it’s in their position.

When the characters become part of the dream their clothes changes a bit, but once they are out, everything returns to normal.

Dream Doors
All dream doors can talk and have their own personalities. There are cranky, happy, sad, in love, and so on doors.

The Light and Dark Books
The Light Book has all the good powers of the future, advice, etc., and the Dark Book is the opposite of the Light Book. Each book has its own Guardian. The Light Book currently exists near Guilhermo in Limbo, and the other is with Dark Shadow guarded by Enoch.

Rose Wand
Sassi will collect and place the Diamonds in the Rose Wand. The Rose Wand also helps bring out her magic side, because magic used to be everywhere until it was forbidden for humans to use.
(I think you should add some kind of explanation here, even if it’s only a little one: “. . . for humans to use, because . . .” Even if it’s only “. . . for humans to use, because of reasons that will be revealed through the course of the story,” that would work. But I think you need a little more here. Also, do ALL humans have a hidden magic side within them, or is Sassi the only one? If all humans have that potential, why Sassi in particular? Just because she’s the first pure-hearted child they found? Or is there another reason that we’ll find out later? And if all humans DON’T have that potential, why does Sassi? You don’t have to explain either of those things here — especially not if you want to reveal them in the course of the story — but I think it would be nice if you made it clear whether all humans have this hidden magical side or not, because it isn’t made clear here yet.)

They feed on happy dreams. Once they enter a dream, they begin to grow and turn a dream into a nightmare. If the bug stays too long, it will be able to put the dreaming child into a deep sleep called Sleep Death. The child will then believe everything in the dream is real, and will be unable to wake up from it.

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