Rabu, 13 April 2011

long time no see

hello how are you? I miss blogging! you know that I'm too busy and too tired of this kind of sh*t gaaaah enough! now I'm single and I enjoy it. don't ask me why because its not my decision. thats enough ! I won't tell you all of this stories. it hurts me so bad.. no need to cry ;') there's another thing more important than this. its about my family. its about my super mom and my childish sister. they're sick and I feel so sad, lonely, and desperate. even sometimes they're bad but I do love them! no one can hurt them! NO ONE! even my father or my other member of family! they're lucky to have. I don't care if my ex having a new girlfriend. its okay I don't really care. even I still love him very much.. but its okay. I don't care if my friend leave me hurt me or talking about me. They're still my best. but I really care about my super family! no one can hurt them! I'll do anything for them. I don't know if they leave me or hurt me or talking about me or having a new family or forget me. Its just too hurt! you know that when my ex leave me, I just can't stop crying! what about if my family leave me? I CAN DIE ! :( i love my family, i love my friends, and i still love my ex. but my heart is taken of my family and no one can take it.


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