Rabu, 01 September 2010

I'm too excited this month!
I dunno why !
why ya? maybe I should ask mr.birthday?
um.. maybe not.. I know my birthday on September but I hate my birthday for sure. so I'm not excited from my birthday... so?! why I'm so excited?
well.. you must wait and see what will happen on September.
I know you're a patient person :P
wait until something happen. You will know it and understand why I'm really excited on this month..
ha-ha well I'm going crazy this month? ups you almost got the a n s w e r!
but too bad
I will not tell you the a n s w e r
it's too danger to know...

maybe holiday? 

I'm so bored because
Hollyday --
well answer it by your own answer :)
maybe just me and God know the answer :)
ihihi Happy holiday than!


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