Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

I can't
I cant believe that things are ending up like this
Was this relationship really love or was it bliss?
I cant forget the first time we kissed
Its one of those moments that are most missed
I cant stop remembering when you told me you loved me
Thats when I knew we'd be together for an eternity
I cant get over the time you disrespected me
And then there is that time you said you wanted to marry me
Now I cant get over that we are falling apart
You are suddenly losing a place in my heart

I hate feeling like this
~Tashannia Waters~
I love you so much and I thought you loved me too, but someone in love wouldnt put me through what your putting me through,
I sit up waiting for the phone to ring and when it does it isn't you,
at night I lay awake crying my eyes out trying to figure out if you love me
then why am I hurting, and why arent you here to comfort me,
I hate feeling like this, why does love hurt so much,
but we all want to fall in love, I'm not sure anymore if I want to be in love,
because if love hurts this badly then I'll be by myself forever

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